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Pike-Fishing on the Derryhick Lake


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Our cottages look down onto the Derryhick Lake with easy access to a safe shore.

The Derryhick lake is the ideal place to go pike fishing in Mayo yet relatively unknown. It is sheltered and re-stocked every winter by the NWRFB with pike taken out of the nearby Loughs Conn and Cullen. This to protect the wild trout and Salmon stocks in these larger lakes. The Derryhick lake also holds good stocks of Roach, Perch and Eel. It's reputation is growing and so far we have welcomed in our cottages fishermen from France, Germany, Spain, Belgium, The Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland and the UK. Many are returning and recommend the Pike fishing possibilities to their friends.

The Derryhick Lake is a small lake of 31 Hectares (75 acres) with a maximum depth of 14.5 meters (50 feet) There is good fishing from the shores and we have a 19 ft lakeboat available for those who want to explore the whole lake. You can hire our boat with or without engine. Even from the shores pike larger than 1 metre (3 feet) are often caught. Four to five pike per person per day is not unusual. Pike is caught on lures, dead beat, spinners and even on the fly.

We are not far from the lakes Conn and Cullen, which are ideal for Trout and salmon, but also large pike. These lakes are connected to the world famous river Moy. For the sea-angler, we can arrange boattrips from Westport, Achill & Killala, or can advise you of shore-fishing.

See on this page some pictures of fishermen and their catch. They all stayed at our cottages and caught these pike in the Derryhick lake. The Derryhick Lake also has a large population of Perch, freshwater eel and roach and even some large trout have been caught.
Tackle shops are available in Castlebar, Westport and Ballina, but we would especially recommend Tiernan Brothers in Foxford. Some of their products you can buy direct from us, see our page "Tackleshop". Their website is If you want to book a day with a guide, we recommend Ken Hall aan, his website is: http://www.mayoangling.comThe largest pike ever caught in the Derryhick lake weighted 15.88 kg (35 lbs)

Fishing Regulations in Ireland

Fishing on the lake is free.
There is no licence or permit required.
There is no season and since Irish lakes never freeze, you can fish all year round.
In the interest of conservation it is recommended that all pike be returned alive to the water; this said you are entitled to keep one pike per angler per day provided it weighs less than 3 kilos (6.6 lbs), or where the pike exceeds the specimen weight for a lake, namely 13,608 kilos (30 lbs) - see below for more details.

The following laws have been introduced to conserve our pike stocks and breaches of these laws could lead to confiscation of rods, boats and tackle. Heavy fines may also be imposed.
It is illegal to have or to use live fish as bait.
The only legal method to catch freshwater fish is by rod and line.
A person may fish with not more than two rods for coarse angling at any one time.
It is illegal to transfer live roach from one water to any other waters.
The taking or killing of by any person of more than one pike on any day is illegal.
The taking and killing by any person of any pike exceeding 6.6lbs (3kg) in weight is illegal.
It is illegal for any one person to have in their possession more than one dead whole pike or alternatively more than 3.3lbs (1,5 kilos) by weight of pike flesh or parts.
It is permitted to take one whole specimen size whole, ungutted pike on any one day. River specimen pike must weight over 20lbs (9,072
kilos), with the weight foe lake specimen set at 30lbs (13,608 kilos). The bylaw also provides for the register to be set up by each Regional Fisheries Board of all premises and other storage facilities used by persons acting as holders of pike for third parties. All pike flesh, up to a maximum of 1,5 kilos per person must be wrapped separately with the anglers name clearly visible.
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